7 Simple Tips That Can Increasing Your Traffic From Facebook

On average, 6.5 people out of 100 click on your Facebook posting. But with a few tweaks, you can get more people clicking on your posts and heading over to your website. Here are these important and useful tips that will help your Facebook campaign to get more clicks (CTR) and hence you can increase your  Facebook traffic.


How To Increase Traffic From Facebook

1) Call to action- images within your wall posts are clickable
2)Sharing your thoughts- Customize your posting(link post) and make it more personal.
3)Image colors – YES !! Images that contain a lot of white, grey, and blue colors, like the hexadecimal color #4c66a4, tend to generate the most clicks. http://conversionxl.com/which-color-converts-the-best/
4)Ensure that URLs get shared correctly on Facebook.
5)Post timing and frequency -Affects the number of clicks you generate
6)Engagement- One interesting thing we noticed is that posts with more engagement received a lot more clicks.
7)Headline length- Posts with 80 Characters or less receive 66% higher engagement.

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Do keep following these above mentioned 7 tips for increasing your traffic from Facebook. However keep monitoring what is working in your plan and what is not working.

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