5 Best Free Social Media Analysis Tools in 2019

Social Media Analysis Tools or also known as social media analytical tools plays very important role in making a social media campaign success and failure. 

There are many social media tools available in the internet and you can get them either as free or paid way and it depends on your requirements. 

If you are running with a very low budget and not looking to hire social media experts but you would like to carry in your own way, its better to go with free social media analysis tools available. If you are a big team and have got very good campaign, I would suggest to go for good paid social media analytical tools that will make your work very easy and time saving for report development.

Let me share you top 5 best free social media analysis tools that will not only help you drive your social media campaign easily but also it will improve your analysis skills and help you drive the campaign effectively. 

1. Hootsuite :  It is one of the fastest and most reliable free social media listening tool I have seen. It gives you option to add many social sites where you can pump your feed.

The best part is you don’t have to shorten your post link as it will automatically short it when you curate your feed with the link.


Insight 2 : Displaying Statistic Section


Once you are done with the feed post, choose the accounts where you want it to publish and at single shot you can push same post to different social platform.

One can also see the statistic report of the published posts. Isn’t it the best social media listening tool ? 😉 yes it is and that’s the reason it is my favorite one too.

2.  Tweet DeckThis tool is also my favorite tool but it is only meant for twitter. You can add more than 3 twitter account and start tweeting it.

https://www.manojblogszone.comIt has columns which allows you to present sections like :

  • Schedule Tweets
  • Activity
  • Trending
  • Mentions
  • Likes
  • Notification 

So it depends upon your interest which is important to your analysis part and what is needed. This is my next favorite social media listening tool. 

You can learn more about this tool here : https://support.twitter.com/articles/20169620

3. Social Bakers : It is one of my favorite tool in the sense it comes with statistic part where not only you will be measuring your social media ROI but also one will enjoy the statistic information.

https://www.manojblogszone.comImage Source : Social Baker

Social Bakers is truly a powerful social media listening tool which every company is looking to use it and make their social media plan more result oriented by saving time.

It gives you option to download the report in pdf form which is more than what you can expect. 

4. Klout ScoreThis tool is very unique and different from the rest. The simple reason is it is meant to measure a profile activeness in social media platform. 

One can signup using twitter and facebook and keep adding list of active social sites where you are promoting your stories.

Klout Score ask you to authorize these connected social sites. 

Check out below insights which I have collected from my Klout dashboard. It will help you to understand more easier way.

Insight 1 : Displaying social networks 


Insight 2 : 

5. Social MentionIf you are not looking for great insight and want to see how a particular topic being discussed in the internet world. This tool is best for your.

This is one the best free social media listening tool where you are able to see the : Negative, Positive and Neutral response against your topics and also one will see where it got used.



Well this is not the end of the story for these great social media listening tools in fact there many more such tools available and freely available. Use them and find out the best thing out them and yes don’t forget to share with others. 

Hope you enjoyed this topic. Do share your list of tools which you are using and I will list them in my list. Keep visiting my blog and share your comments as it will encourage me to come up with more new topics.

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