How To Get 5 Star Rating For Facebook Page ?

Long before, Facebook introduced 5 star rating for business/brand pages. Idea was to bring more popularity for the pages. Users visiting will get a message of how popular is this page and start viewing it that way. This 5 star rating also decide and creates a kind of thinking inside READ MORE

How To Know Which Social Media Channels Is Perfect For My Business?

As I explained in my earlier blog that finding perspective client is very important. Reason ? This set your business path to achieve your goal. Its like , you know the goal where to go or what to achieve but you took wrong boat. Hence you will finish your journey READ MORE

Why To Choose Digital Media Marketing As Career ?

It was during the time of Internet, when it changed the concept of sharing information with each other. Now it was easier to get and share things more easily unlike earlier, where one has to depend on telecommunication. Before coming to the conclusion that why Digital Media can be chosen READ MORE