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List of Objectives One Can Achieve With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads platform provides the biggest platform to put your content and your stories infront of users without waiting for them to come and find them. If your business is highly dependent on Facebook Marketing and planning to generate more sales for your business, then its very important for one to understand the  functionalities and options,

Facebook and Instagram Prediction 2019

Facebook & Instagram 2019 Predictions Is Out : Story Telling Video, Engagement and Influencer Marketing Will Be Important Area To Focus

2019 is going to start with new energy and each business is all set to focus “Social Media Next “ What should be 2019 digital marketing strategy and what should be 2019 social media strategy “ In this article we are going to go through Facebook and Instagram 2019 Predictions which we received. Facebook founder

seo training facebook groups

Top 15 SEO Training Groups In Facebook – You Must Join !

Being an SEO specialist or beginner, you must have joined groups that provide SEO training. Such SEO training groups can also be nowadays found on the social media platform.

#Facebook2017Mission : Bringing the World Closer Together With Facebook Communities

Once again Facebook proved to the whole world, why it is known best of rest. Social Media giant Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the importance of Facebook communities and its important role in making Facebook 2017 mission, more successful social community.

How Often One Should Post On Facebook Page ?

Hello Everyone ! Welcome back to Manoj Blogs Zone 😉 Hope you are doing well and your presence right now shows how I am lucky to have you all. Ok let me share you today's topic " How Often One Should Post On Facebook ? " Recently I was having a chat in a forum and suddenly

Facebook Notification Icon Changes Its Map With Location

The Facebook has a notification icon which is nothing but a small glob and the most interesting things is it changes its map view with the location. For example : This is the Facebook notification icon with US  and Latin America.   This is the icon for countries in the Eastern hemisphere: Quoted from the

Reason Why Facebook Page Like Count To Drop Soon

Are you the admin of your business Page ? Are you witnessing drop in Page Likes but still not able to find the solution ? Its not your fault because Facebook is rolling out soon with a mission to slash out all those users or fans or likes from a business page , not found

How To Increase Facebook Traffic From Groups ?

Facebook Group promotion is found to give more traffic than fan page. Group promotion not only helps to target right audience but also helps to give quality traffic to the website, if done properly.

7 Simple Tips That Can Increasing Your Traffic From Facebook

On average, 6.5 people out of 100 click on your Facebook posting. But with a few tweaks, you can get more people clicking on your posts and heading over to your website. Here are these important and useful tips that will help your Facebook campaign to get more clicks (CTR) and hence you can increase

Highly demanding digital marketing skills 2019

6 Important Reason Why Your Post Is Not Appearing In Facebook News Feed ?

Have you checked your Fan page posts reach on daily basis ? Have you marked , that your fan page posts is loosing its visibility from Facebook News Feed ? Have you ever wonder , why even after following Facebook all guidelines , your posts are not able to reach the 100% reach ? Doesn’t